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Apple HomePod Initial Review - Surprisingly GOOD!

This is HomePod. So, I've got a chance to spend the last of couple days with this, a lot of thoughts, a lot of impressions. The first of which being, it is way smaller than you might think. Out of the box, there's not a whole lot going on. You get the HomePod itself, a quick start guide, and a singular Apple sticker. I will say though, sometimes it's the attention to detail, the small things that really make a difference. The fabric on the power cord matches the HomePod, and that's kind of cool.

Now setting up the HomePod is one of the nicer parts of the experience. If you've ever used AirPod, it's kind of similar to that, where you stick your phone out, a little HomePod icon pops up, you connect, you're never diving through any menus, you let it do its thing, and shortly thereafter you are good to go.

Also, first impressions, the Siri animation towards the top of the HomePod, which you will see throughout this video, are really well done. I think it rounds o…