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OnePlus 6 Impressions!

This is the OnePlus 6, it's been interesting to follow oneplus for the last couple years all the way from the beginning from the oneplus one days the flagship killer mentality that never settle and then look at how the trends move all the way until what they've developed into today.

Let's look at the spec sheet first the OnePlus is rocking snapdragon 845 and Adreno 636 or 8 gigs of ram a 6.3 inch 20 to 80 by 1080 AMOLED display, it's got a 3300 milliamp hour battery and dual cameras a 16 megapixel main sensor and a 20 megapixel secondary camera and a price tag under 600 bucks, so again pretty classic oneplus they're sticking to their guns of delivering big numbers and impressive specs for a lower than expected price, so with all that here are my impressions and really what a lot of people are going to have the most strong reaction to including me is the new design of the 1 plus 6 so they just like everyone else this year have 28 teen eyes their phone it's got du…

In-Glass Fingerprint Sensor: Testing the limits!

Earlier in the year you might remember we did an article on that in-glass fingerprint reader you know all these bezel-less phones are coming out now there's no room on the front for a fingerprint reader unless you put it underneath the glass, so we've got to see a demo of it in action in an unreleased vivo phone, well today of course now we have that phone it's here it's in the studio it's the Vivo x21 and it's out now it exists, snapdragon 660, 6 GB of ram, 3200 Mah battery and a 6.3 inch 1080p OLED display with of course the optical fingerprint sensor underneath, so now that we have it in the flesh it kind of feels like we have no choice, but to test the limits of it or push it to the limits.

This is a small optical sensor underneath the glass of an OLED display and the sensor itself is really small it's maybe the size of a fingernail and when we say optical sensor we literally mean it's the OLED shining up light to reflect off of your finger and the s…

How to Restart the iPhone X: Three Quick Steps To Resolve a Frozen Screen

With each new critical emphasis of the iPhone, the strategy to restart the gadget, or reboot the iPhone, has changed.

With the iPhone 5, it involved simply holding down the bolt catch and the home catch. For the iPhone 6 or iPhone 7, you just expected to all the while press the volume down and the bolt catch until the point when the screen flashed dark and the Apple image showed up.

Nonetheless, the new iPhone, the iPhone X is extraordinary, which is obviously indicated by the absence of the home catch. Thus with that, the strategy to restart the iPhone has changed.

So how would you restart the iPhone X? It's genuinely straightforward, yet it requires a three-advance process not at all like the previously mentioned renditions of the iPhone, which was just 2 stages.

Instructions to Reset Your iPhone X Play out the beneath arrangement in to some degree quick progression for it to be compelling

Press (don't hold) the Volume Up catch Press (don't hold) the Volume Down catch Press a…

10 of the Best Bluetooth Speakers 2018

In the wake of testing and assessing many the best Bluetooth speakers, our #1 pick is the Fugoo Sport Bluetooth Speaker. Why? First off, it offers an unparalleled 40 hours of battery life on a solitary charge making it perfect for movement, particularly when outdoors or driving. Besides, it's sound stage is great for such a little speaker and at the same time gloating a stunning sonic range that is regularly found in speakers more than twice its size. In conclusion, it's little, lightweight and versatile in spite of all the previously mentioned, making it simple to take it anyplace just by hurling it into a sack or satchel.

That all being stated, here are a portion of the best bluetooth speakers for 2018 that you can discover, and the most recent highlights they offer. On the off chance that these are excessively rich for your blood, look at our best convenient bluetooth speakers under $100. Or on the other hand in case you're searching for more alternatives, make sure to p…

Best DSLR Camera in 2018

The best dSLR camera, or computerized SLR camera, is continually going to have the capacity to exceed simple to use cameras as far as picture quality and execution speed. These propelled cameras enable you to change focal points to meet distinctive photography needs, and they give the capacity to completely control the camera's presentation physically, which is awesome for more experienced picture takers. In this way, in case you're searching for the most ideal picture quality in a computerized camera, doubtlessly you'll accomplish it with a DSLR camera.

There's additionally no inquiry that the best DSLR cameras in 2018 speak to the most sultry piece of the advanced camera showcase. Producers are gradually deserting the smaller camera segment of the market, and to isolate themselves from the cell phone camera advertise, they're concentrating on top DSLR camera outlines.

A DSLR isn't a need for each picture taker, for the most part as a result of its high cost and…

TheVRkit Turns Your Smartphone Into A 360 Camera

360 cameras are a considerable measure of fun, however I don't need to disclose to you that they are additionally costly. You're most likely saying to yourself that you as of now have a cell phone and it stinks to need to purchase another camera just to get the greater part of the most recent abilities. Your telephone serves you all around ok. Prepare to have your mind blown. You're correct.

theVRkit is an Affordable 360 Camera You as of now have a cell phone. So you should simply get an embellishment that will transform it into a 360 camera. Also, that is exactly what theVRkit does. This is an extraordinary moderate other option to purchasing another 360 camera. It doesn't need to cost a fortune to play around with VR. theVRkit gives both of you alternatives. You can purchase the Starter Kit or the Pro Kit.

The starter pack gives you a chance to make 360 pictures at 8K determination and 32 MP. You read that accurately. You can do this privilege from your cell phone. Wit…

Baseus 10W Qi Wireless Car Charger Phone Holder

Your Smartphone is dependably with you while you are in a hurry. Which is the reason telephone chargers for the auto are one of the greatest extras for cell phones. We need to keep our mobiles squeezed up with the goal that we don't miss anything in the present quick paced world. You have to remain associated, regardless of whether you are amidst a content discussion or sitting tight for an imperative business call.

This Car Charger Will Keep The Juice Flowing The Baseus 10W Qi Wireless Car Charger Phone Holder is simply such a charger and it is pleasantly planned. It will keep your telephone energized so you don't overlook anything. Remote charging while out and about has never been simpler or quicker. This gadget includes quick charge modes for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Note 5, S6 Edge+, S7 and S7 Edge, that will charge them 1.4 times speedier than standard remote chargers.

Other Qi-empowered gadgets like the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, iPhone X, S6, S6 Edge, Nokia 9, and Nexus 5/6 wil…

Aimus 6 Foot Lightning Cable With LED Light

You could utilize a standard charging link and your devices will energize fine and dandy, however a link with LEDs in it is significantly neater. Not exclusively do they look amazing on the grounds that they have brilliant lights, however they'll likewise make it less demanding to see your link oblivious.

A Stylish Lightning Charging Cable Aimus' 6 Foot Lightning Cable With LED Light is a smooth and up-to-date link. It's an ideal fit for the iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6/iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, iPad Mini Retina and numerous other Apple items. It is perfect with iOS 8, 9, and 10.

On the off chance that you possess an Apple item, this is the charging link that you need. Indeed, you'll need a few. Aimus utilizes the most astounding quality links, delicate level TPE wire that is adaptable, tangle free and can withstand bowing for up to 7000 times. Different highlights incorporate a 3.5mm di…

Mate 10 Pro - My Favorite Tips & Tricks!

Today I have team of the Huawei, so if you own a Mate 10 pro I'm going to showcase five of my favorite tips and tricks.

The first trick is super simple but it looks cool and it helps battery life Mate 10 pro has a massive 4000 million ampere battery which is crazy to begin with, you have a couple different power saving modes, but a small simple tweak if you dive into the menus is to toggle on the dark and interface colors button BAM that's going to enable dark mode which looks a lot better in my opinion and this is going to help extend your battery life so it's kind of a double win situation.

The next trick with the Mate 10 Pro is probably one of the coolest things about this phone that's the fact with a single USBC the HDMI cable you can plug this into a monitor and it will turn into a computer, now it's particularly awesome about this is there is no dock or hub or anything aside from the cable you need to buy to make this work it will work with both a Bluetooth key…

The $200 iPhone X Wireless Charger You Don't Need...

Have you ever been in a situation where you knew there was something you shouldn't buy, like, really shouldn't buy, but you still wanted to anyways? That is this, the $200 wireless charger that you don't need, but still kind of want.

So, this was in my Amazon cart for a long time. I went back and forth, "Should I buy this, should I not?" It looked interesting, one, aesthetically, it was really unique, not really like any other wireless chargers out there and secondly, there's a 22,000 milliamp-hour battery inside, so in theory, once this is charged up, it is truly wireless where you can place anywhere you want.

I think what finally won me over is, on the Amazon page, the first bullet point you see is, "Scandinavian Design," I'm thinking to myself, "Well, Scandinavia brought us Swedish Fish, "Ikea, PewDiePie." That is a really impressive list. I then go down this weird rabbit hole and find the five greatest Scandinavian inventions, t…

The Perfect PC Setup You Need for Quality Streaming

You're a seasoned PC gamer wondering how to make your gaming experience more social, but without inviting people into your house, then you get the utterly unique and one-of-a-kind idea to start streaming your gameplay you sprang into action, preparing to show your battle station off to the world, but what kind of setup do you need to pull this off? Well hey guys it shouldn't be surprising but an upper range gaming PC is often a good choice for streaming, but there are Hardware considerations for streaming that are a little bit different.

Typically gaming setups are built around the GPU with your graphics card often being the deciding factor in how nice your games will look as long as the rest of your rig meets some kind of minimum threshold, but for streaming your CPU can determine how your gameplay looks to your viewers be they on Twitch or another streaming platform, but why is this I mean we're still talking about how to get the best graphical quality right? Well remembe…

Huawei P20 Pro Review: The Triple Camera Smartphone!

Nowadays it seems like it's never quite enough to just nail all the pillars of a great smartphone and put it out. It seems like not only do you have to do all of that, but you have to take one of them and push it to the absolute extreme the maximum and so this is what it looks like when you nail all the pillars of a great smartphone and then take one of them and take it to the next level. The Huawei P20 Pro, so this is one of those phones, you've either heard a lot about recently or never heard of definitely two camps with this one.

The Huawei P20 Pro is not coming to the US and usually that stops me from even trying a phone in the first place, because I know I can't recommend it for a lot of people, but this caught my attention obviously, like Huawei phones in general have just been getting my attention more and more lately but this one just captured it completely. It's crazy new color triple cameras on the back, 4000 milliamp hour battery, 109 score on dsomark, so I p…