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Here's Why The Surface Book 2 Is Worth $3000

The Microsoft Surface book I know it came out a little while ago but somehow I didn't have a chance to try it out until now, I'm rummaging through I'm like my goodness I've never made a dedicated video on any surface product this one right here $3,000 this is the surface book - 13.5 inch core i7 processor it's got a Geforce GTX 1050 you could do a little gaming on here, 1 terabyte of storage and 16 gigs of RAM GTX 1050 in a surface 3,000 bucks you're not even get the pen inside the box for that three grand.

So there it is the surface book 2 highest spec level, it's your usual power brick they give you an extra USB the bricks there anyways give me an extra USB, this is one of the really unique things about this laptop this crazy hinge on it, the charge port right here let's try it out at least it's magnetic we have a USB type-c, dedicated volume, 2 standard USB s and what looks like an SD card slot wait we have a headphone jack you have the 3 by 2 as…

The Special OnePlus 6 You Never Knew Existed

My recent article un-boxing the brand new Oneplus 6, actually I unboxed the two versions that were available at that point a mirror black also a midnight black, but at that time I kind of had my eye set on a different model this silk white because I had sort of seen the development of the Oneplus 6, I actually had the chance to visit the production facility if you haven't seen that article, you should go check that out.

So I've got that silk white version right over here, but I figured hey, if I'm going to un-box every single version and compare them all and I've also got to get my hand on the crazy exclusive Avengers version limited edition of the Oneplus 6, we get the big Avengers logo on the top of the box here in honor of Avengers Infinity War, infinite power in your hands.

Let's crack this open, this opens completely differently once again Avengers Infinity War logo there opens like a book that's kind of cool, Dash charger as expected Oneplus 6 charge cabl…