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What Makes These Earbuds So Special?

You guys know I take my headphones very seriously, I know I consider myself to be fairly well versed in the land of headphones, I know a lot of people want to upgrade to something Wireless if you go to the gym or you like the job you travel you don't necessarily want to wire going down there all the time, of course a wired connection is always going to be great for sound quality, how much were those final headphones almost 4 grand on a pair of headphones.

Today I have a product that is not only Wireless but it's also one of the more affordable wireless headsets that I've seen ever, I've been using the IQ buds big fan of those, but again a higher price tag I don't even say it yet they are the bullets Wireless the new bullets wireless from Oneplus they're 69 bucks, they're trying to do what they did to smartphones in a way bringing that price point down but still delivering value, now obviously at this point I haven't heard these yet they have magnets and…

This Is The Craziest Phone In The World

I've done a couple articles about really weird phones, the world of phones is kind of crazy in a way that was unexpected, you know I took a trip to China I was looking at the weird stuff trying to uncover the weird for you, but today I've got to go back and reevaluate the whole thing because in front of me I have what I know not what I think what I know is the weirdest phone period, the weirdest phone on planet earth it's in this nondescript white box in here and the special part it's like 27 bucks it's affordable.

This is the phone I'm going to call it the BLT beacause it says it on there, though I'd rather have a bacon lettuce tomato right now, army green very rugged apparently this thing is waterproof 3,800 milliamp hour battery, it says shaver on it because this smartphone has a shaver on it, this is crazy, what kind of werewolf dude needs to have the speed dial and the speed shave all in one probably one like me actually you see what's going on her…

The Best HIDDEN Android Launcher of 2018?

Diving a head first into this list and starting off at number 10

Bubble launcher which as the name might suggest has one key mechanic behind it, all of your icons are placed into these nicely animated circles and the order they're presented in is roughly alphabetical from the top left to the bottom right, so it makes it fairly easy to navigate, you then hold down the screen if you want to open up the customization menu fair warning though and the reason this isn't higher up on the list customization is very limited, you're pretty much limited to changing the size of the bubbles and changing the wallpaper.

Textual launcher- again this is another one of those where the name kind of gives it away, it is very much a launcher focused on practicality there is next to no visual flair here and all your applications are words rather than icons, nonetheless it is surprisingly fast to navigate once you get the hang of it and rather generous to your battery life.

Strip Launcher- this is …

Huawei P20 Pro review

When it comes to smartphone cameras Huawei’s new flagship the P20 Pro promises some major innovation, it's got three cameras on the back including a 40 megapixel shooter, but do these bring some real advantages or is it just a gimmick? This is my Huawei P20 Pro full review.

Huawei has brought an all-new design for this year's P20 pro, unlike last year's all-metal build now we have a build of all glass with a metal frame, this makes for a phone that is pretty eye-catching especially in the Twilight color, it's a gorgeous gradient from purple to green, the corners and edges are rounded and the glass back is curved. It isn't tapered though it feels thick and sturdy.

On the back you can see the P20 pro's unique feature, the like a branded triple camera setup. Huawei is warn-up every smartphone manufacturer around. One side effect of these cameras is a camera bump, so the P20 pro will wobble on a table unlike last year's P10, but an improvement over last year is…

Huawei P20 Review

Recently Huawei released the P20 and the P20 Pro, a lot of press is focused on the larger sibling, but I suspect that a lot of people are actually going to buy the P20, why? It has a much smaller form factor and it's a lot cheaper, so is it actually worth getting? This is my Huawei P20 review.

The Huawei P20 has a small and elegant form factor, thanks to its glass build the back has a mirror finished and the vibrant and eye catching midnight blue color looks all the better for it, well at least until you touch it, P20 loves collecting fingerprints you can't wash them away either since the modest IP3 rating doesn't guarantee the phone will be safe in water.

If you're expecting the form factor of last year's anorexic Huawei P10 you should know this isn't the slimmest phone around, the P20 is a little thicker wider and a heavier than last year's P10, it's not difficult to use in one hand but it's not quite as easy as last year.

On the front, there'…