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Rolls-Royce Ghost - the time machine

Is the most expensive car automatically the best? When you play a round of auto quartet, the answer to that question is pretty simple. For most of the time, the expensive exotic cars are the ones with which you can get the most stitches. If you look at the pure data of the Rolls-Royce Ghost, this certainly does not have the worst chances for the quartet. But how is the Rolls-Royce Ghost in reality? We had the opportunity to test the Ghost for two weeks to answer that question.

Specifications Rolls-Royce Ghost
Let's start with the data that is most important to the auto quartet, even though on closer inspection they actually do not say much about the car - as we'll see later in this article.

The Ghost is a big car. With dimensions of 5.4 x 1.95 x 1.5 m (L / W / H) and its design, it reminds a little of a motor yacht. Also, the curb weight of 2,500 kg makes it clear that it is a car from a different class. It is powered by a 6.6 Lite 12-cylinder engine with 570 hp and a torque of 820 Nm. For the sprint from 0-100 km / h he needs only 4.9 s. And at 250 km / h it is electrically sealed off.

Another special feature is the arrangement of the doors. In the Rolls-Royce Ghost, the doors are hinged in the rear. Rolls-Royce is the name of the coach Doors. This type of design is rarely seen today. In fact, this type of door was banned in Germany in 1961. The reason given at the time was that if the door were opened while driving, the air resistance would cause the door to open completely. In the worst case, it can even lead to the passenger trying to close the door fall out of the car because he underestimates the effort required. This circumstance also led to the colloquial name of suicide door (English Suicide Doors). Condition for today's type approval is a fuse that prevents the door from being opened while driving.

The advantage of the doors is that you can get off very comfortably. In addition, the driver has it so easy to quickly open the door to his passengers. Since my Ghost unfortunately came without a chauffeur, I was glad that I could stow my jacket and backpack very quickly behind. Another highlight associated with the special doors is that you can close the doors from the inside by pressing a button.

Why the Rolls-Royce Ghost is a time machine
Time passes differently in a Rolls-Royce, which you notice as soon as you get in and leave. More than once I was asked when driving off, if that would be about an electric car. The car is so well insulated that it is completely decoupled from the environment.

The noise insulation of the car is incredibly good. When you ride the Rolls-Royce, you feel like someone pressed the "Mute" button for the outside world. This also makes the Rolls-Royce Ghost one of the most relaxed cars I've ever driven

A dam against the flood of information
But not only the environment is filtered out, but in the car itself a lot of information is kept away from the driver and the passengers.

So there is no tachometer in the Rolls-Royce. Instead, you get at this point, how much power reserve the engine still has. But this information is not really relevant for the driver either. It is rather a note that almost always more than enough power is available. So is on the highway actually always 80-90% power available.

Just as little as you know about the current applied speed, you know in which gear the ZF eight-speed automatic is currently. If you are honest, it does not really interest you as a driver, because the automatic transmission takes care of the correct sorting of the gears in all situations. It does so well thanks to GPS support that it almost borders on magic. Since it always knows the position of the vehicle and therefore also the route, it automatically ensures that the appropriate gear is engaged or even longer.

The ease with which the Rolls-Royce moves in all situations remains a lasting memory. Acceleration sometimes makes you doubt that the laws of physics apply to this car. You never suspect that something so big could be so fast. But most of the time you can enjoy the relaxed driving and the knowledge that you could - if you wanted.

As a last example for the removal of unimportant information, I would like to mention the climate control system. Unlike almost any comparable car, there is no temperature setting over a number of degrees. There are only the red-blue wheels. If one is too cold, turn it so far that you see more red than blue. If you do not like the temperature, just adjust again. I dare say that none of us really know whether 23.5 ° or 25 ° is the optimal temperature for a person, let alone someone who can feel the current temperature. But if we are too cold, too warm or just right, everybody can say it fast.

Connectivity in the Rolls-Royce Ghost
Of course you can connect as a driver and passenger with the outside world, if you wish. You can stay in touch with the world via DAB radio and television. The same goes for the optional Wi-Fi hotspot. Apart from that, the connectivity has unfortunately stopped a bit in time.

In the infotainment system, one notices the affiliation with the BMW Group. The infotainment system is a rebranded BMW navigation system. The design with the new color and tone fits very well with the Rolls-Royce. But here it is high time for an update. At BMW there are now two newer generations.

I am pretty sure that this will be done with the next model maintenance. During my two weeks with the Rolls-Royce Ghost, however, this did not have a negative impact. In fact, the Ghost is the first car in which I have consistently turned off the head-up display, for example. The view over the hood and the colloquially Emily called Spirit of Extasy should not disturb in my eyes any other information.

On longer trips or on well-known routes, for example, I have always had the main screen disappear in the middle at the push of a button behind a cover. The successful mix of 50-50 analog-digital I liked in practice so much that I simply did not want to see more displays. A unique case for me, usually I can not have enough displays in a car.

Rolls-Royce Bespoke Audio sharpens the senses
Surely you've heard that the other senses are sharpened when there's no sense in it. In a sense, that's also true when driving with the Rolls-Royce. The insulation keeps the sounds of the outside world from you, the chassis with the long wheelbase ensures a dreamlike ride comfort, the other manufacturers only with elaborate active control hinbekommen and unimportant information is kept away from you. All this means that the ride in the Rolls-Royce is always something special.

The conversation with the ride is much more intense, which of course can also be because they are usually similarly fascinated by the car as you are. But also when listening to music you can see this more intense perception.

According to Rolls-Royce, the Bespoke Audio System is the most comprehensive system ever developed for a car. Although I'm always a bit critical when I read such phrases, I have to admit to the Rolls-Royce Ghost with the Bespoke Audio that the sound in the car was great.

Already during the development the acousticians were involved and thus had the opportunity to influence the shaping of the car and the important aspects of the sound. A total of 18 individually tuned speakers provide the sound. Including two bass speakers in the boot area, as well as two "Exciter" speakers, which were housed in the roof area, bring the sound to the "ear height" of the passengers.

As expected with such a high-end system, attention was paid to the appearance of the speaker covers. For me personally, the most beautiful I have ever seen in a car. If you are interested in the audio system in more detail, I recommend the article on LowBeats .

In the Bespoke Audio there are the presets for Studio and Extended (Theater Mode), which change the spatiality of the sound. But heights, bass and the equalizer you have to adjust by hand. Here I think, it would have been useful to offer a few more presets, since you are probably overtaxed here as a layman.

Is a Rolls-Royce Ghost a car for everyday use?
Testing the Rolls-Royce Ghost for two weeks was something special. I was a little speechless at first and not sure what to write about. Because even if the Rolls-Royce Ghost with a base price of 238,000 € (net) and with the extras located in the test car 310,125 € (net) was probably the most expensive car I have ever tested, so it's just a car ,

The Rolls-Royce Ghost was introduced in 2009 and has received a gentle facelift in 2015 for the "Series II". This also explains why the infotainment system is on the described level, there was simply no newer at the time. The car itself and its purpose does not detract from this.

At the beginning I asked the question, if the most expensive car is automatically the best. The answer to the question about the Rolls-Royce Ghost is that it depends very much on what you want to do with the car and what you need it for.

The possibilities to configure and individualize a Rolls-Royce are almost limitless. Of course, this is only possible with a car built in such an exclusive series as the Rolls-Royce, and of course that has its price. The debate as to whether the price makes sense or not, we can otherwise lead to almost everything.

There are people who value and want the individuality and class of a Rolls-Royce. I must admit, I can understand it somewhere, even though I am still far from the necessary spheres to afford such a car.

The Rolls-Royce is in some categories the best car I've ever driven, but similar to the Auto Quartet, there is not one car that wins in all areas. But the Rolls-Royce Ghost comes close. Oh yes, and to clarify why he is in my eyes a time machine: As soon as you get in the time passes inside felt slower than in the outside world.


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